A bowl full of candy bars is another example of “a breakfast they’ll want to eat”

Recently, the makers of Nutella settled a class-action lawsuit from a San Diego mother who claimed advertising mislead her into thinking the stuff was healthy.

I found a YouTube video of one of the ads embedded in Carly Rothman’s article about the lawsuit:

Here’s a question for you: Do you think the health claims in this ad are misleading?

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My photography featured on the BBC News website!

Yesterday, I found a photo I took in 2003 used on the BBC News site! It’s pretty awesome. Here’s what happened:

Back in 2003, I received a digital camera as a graduation gift. I used it to take a photo of one of my favorite signs: the sign for the Boring/Oregon City exit on U.S. 26. I was relatively new to photography; I don’t think it’s my best work.

The next year, I uploaded a copy of this photo to Wikipedia. I didn’t know any better, so I reduced the image to 512 × 384, which you are not supposed to do when putting photos on Wikipedia. If I had access to the original full-size file, I’d replace the one on Wikipedia. The closest I have is this Flickr photo, taken in the same session, which lacks the truck.

Yesterday, one of my friends from high school posted a BBC News article on her Facebook wall. According to the BBC, the village of Dull in the Scottish Highlands wants to become the sister community of Boring, Oregon. I followed the link because I, like almost anyone who attended Boring Middle School, was excited to see Boring featured in the international media. But then I saw the photo on the article, which they presumably took from Wikipedia, and said “HOLY CRAP! That picture of the ‘Boring, Oregon City’ sign? It’s my picture!”

I am extremely honored to find my work featured by the BBC!

Since many of my Flickr photos are available under Creative Commons licenses, I am used to seeing them occasionally appear on blogs. I believe this is the first time, however, that my work has been used in an international news story!

(anti)social reading apps


Except: when I click on a link on the Eff Bee to an article and I’m asked to add an app to follow the link, I don’t Google for the article—I refuse to read it at all. I refuse to reward antisocial behavior.

First post

Welcome to PhanBlog!

I’ve created this blog to share my valuable insights with the rest of the world. I am planning to post about funny things found on the Intertubes, politics, mathematics, and perhaps West Wing episodes (because more online discussion of six-year-old TV shows can’t hurt). Anyway, in the mean time, here is a video of my parents’ cat: